About Us

We are proud to offer you our quality line of custom designed medal holders and bib organizers ideally suited for a range of sportsmanship awards.

Our Personal Journey: The birth of Medals and Bibs happened one sunny day when I, the avid sportsman, realized an earnest need to display my hard-earned medals. Although they were nicely stored in drawers and cabinets, still they were tucked away from the light of day. I expressed to my wife how disheartened I was seeing what once symbolized moments of “pride and glory” now hidden from the world.

It was during this light-bulb moment that my wife and I realized that this was a common fate, not only among many of my peers, but also among sportsmen and women around the nation. Because we know all too well the rigoursinvolved in preparing to become a worthy sportsman that each medal earned deserves a respectful place to shine, we decided to take matters into our own hands…and the rest, as they say is history.

Today, we bring to you a variety of solid medal hangers and bib organizers you see here on our site.


Values: We believe everyone is given the ability to accomplish the most daunting of feats, once moved by the power of inspiration. Our sports product was borne out of a need to find a solution for runners, cyclists, swimmers--men and women with a burning passion to achieve goals and who’re deserving of a platform by which to display their prized possessions.

Our medal hangers and organizers are carefully selected using high quality, durable materials. All athletes need one at home.And we’ve kept the price very affordable so that you can and will always continue to enjoy high quality hangers and organizers from us--at a price even your pocket would agree. 

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