Your discipline and grit has seen you cross the finish line. Your medal is not just another medal. It is a symbol of yet another conquered battle. It is part of your story. Don’t hide it in drawers. Display it proud and be an inspiration to yourself and those seeing your story through these medals.


For the athlete who has built a track record of crossing the finish line, your trails of victory include: race bibs, medallions and sporting memorabilia. All these can be neatly presented using our specially-designed medal hangers and bib storage organizers.

Our line of medal hangers and bib organizers are made of quality materials to last a lifetime. Its laser cut design elements has the features that only a sportsman himself could craft into every piece.

Surveys have shown that all too often athletes allow their nuggets of glory to be stashed away in “well intentioned” boxes and drawers where they lose their rightful place--as perpetual symbols of motivation.

You are a trailblazer. Some of your greatest achievements on the track, in the ring, or on the field - are not yet behind you. With more medals in the foreseeable future, instead of hiding them in drawers, rank them on medal hangers in honor of your glory moments.

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